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• (Pre-Order) - KYLESA - Ultraviolet CD

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Phillip Cope and Laura Pleasants — the creative force behind metal band Kylesa — flourished as songwriters on 2010’s Spiral Shadow. They could always deliver massive riffage, but the band had learned to counter it with some restraint; slower, more distinct songs. Cope and Pleasants took their initial sound, kept tweaking it, and the results were captivating.

Kylesa’s latest offering, Ultraviolet, is similarly rewarding and a natural progression for the band. The methodical tempo of Spiral Shadow returns, though there are even more compositional frills this time around, which might disgruntle some headbangers looking for a rawer form of metal. Cope’s production beefs up the dual drums of Carl McGinley and Eric Hernandez, giving Ultraviolet a dense sound that brings out the dynamic flares of the album: the loud parts louder and the soft parts are, well, less loud.