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La Luz is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, United States, which was founded in 2012 consisting of Shana Cleveland, Marian Li Pino, Alice Sandahl, and Lena Simon. La Luz has received critical acclaim following the release of three studio albums It's Alive, Weirdo Shrine, and Floating Features.

La Luz is known for their "surf noir" style with layered vocal harmonies. La Luz are mesmerizing. They sound like Dick Dale jamming with the early line-up of Lush. Or Julee Cruise singing with the Pixies on Shangri-la’s numbers…. for a Tarantino spoof of Twin Peaks…

It's Alive LP

Joyously sunny, the band matches indie-pop harmonies to chiming surf guitar riffs, creating something blissful, wholesome and – at times – infuriatingly catchy in the process. At it’s best, ‘It’s Alive’ demonstrates that La Luz have much to get excited about. Blessed with a shrewd pop touch, tracks such as ‘Call Me In The Day’ have a contagious edge – albeit one which can't quite surpass its influences.

Weirdo Shrine LP

In early 2015, La Luz adjourned to a surf shop in San Dimas, California where, with the help of producer-engineer Ty Segall, they realized the vision of capturing the band’s restless live energy and commiting it to tape. Weirdo Shrine finds them at their most saturated and cinematic -- the sound of La Luz is (appropriately) vibrant, and alive with a kaleidoscopic passion. Tracking most of the album live in shared quarters, La Luz chose to leave in any happy accidents and spur-of-the-moment flourishes that occurred while recording. Cleveland's newly fuzzed-up guitar solos-which now incorporated the influence of Japanese Eleki players in addition to the twang of American surf and country-were juxtaposed against the group's most angelic four-part harmonies to date.

Floating Features LP

La Luz's third full-length for Hardly Art. Only La Luz could conjure up Floating Features' Leone-on-LSD vibes, and the album finds the L.A. band at the height of their powers--golden rebels in a golden dream.