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M.I.A., an outsider in a genre full of outsiders, a faux-radical female Brit sprung from a Southeast Asian background. She’s crafted a fiercely formidable persona with its own set of unique associations, one that has commodified cultural dissent as a means of antagonistic expression, tapping into a long tradition of musical rebellion. M.I.A.’s inability to compromise is, in some ways, what makes her music and attitude so appealing.

BLACK color vinyl version

M.I.A.‘s long-delayed debut, Arular (the political name given to her father, co-founder of a Tamil militant group in Sri Lanka), opens with the deceptively playful “Banana Skit,” in which M.I.A. demands, “Get yourself an education!”. It was quite unlike anything we’d heard before, a spare mix of stiff, booming beats, an early-‘80s retro hook, and an exotic, sneering vocal.

Arular is the sonic and lyrical embodiment of the cover of Missy’s military-styled but otherwise apolitical This Is Not A Test!, but violence isn’t just glorified here—like American hip-hop artists before her, Maya’s life has been one of constant struggle and she’s just telling us what she sees.

BLACK color vinyls version

If Arular provided a platform to discuss those things, Kala certainly invites us to continue the conversation. In contrast to her comparatively sparkly and streamlined debut, Kala is clattering, buzzy, and sonically audacious.

BLACK color vinyl version

As a variegated sonic mosaic teeming with percussive samples, Matangi is stunning. The backdrops here, which shift fitfully between and within songs, combine work from longtime collaborator Switch and contributions from Hit Boy, the Weeknd, and Partysquad.

BLACK color vinyls version

A.I.M. follows the #1 electronic debut of Matangi which spawned the dancefloor/sync hit "Yala". M.I.A. released the poignant and much talked about "Borders" song and video from A.I.M. late last year that documented the current refugee struggle. Double LP in gatefold sleeve.