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BLACK color vinyls

In 1989, Nasir went solo again with theaptly-titled album S.O.L.O., and twoalbums later – Saudagar Mimpi andCanggung Mendonan, which hesucceeded in his vision by creatinga new genre of music called Nusantara.The 4th solo album, was originallyreleased back in 1993, re-issued intothe vinyl format in 2020.

Two vinyls immortalized his twelvetracks of pop rock ballads with theNusantara nuance delicately filledhis works, which together with Butterfingers’ Malayneum wouldbecame the groundworks for thefoundation and exploration ofNusantara-inspired rock genre,especially for the present local indiebands like Pitahati, Ramayan, Iqbal Mand Margasatwa.

The video production of the track, Mentera Semerah Padi was probably the most expensive video clip at that time.