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Mournful Congregation have quite rightly earned a reputation as one of the most powerful and original doom metal acts of the past two decades. Since their first demo in 1994, they have released a small but significant discography that stands as a monument of pure, untouchable doom metal. In fact, they are one of the few important doom bands of recent times who can't easily fit into a sub-subgenre such as funeral doom, black doom, "traditional" doom, sludge, etc. Throughout their existence as a band, each new release has continually topped the previous effort. Their first two demos showed great promise, but were still rough around the edges; the band were still finding their own sound.

It's a very interesting mixture to be sure. The atmosphere generated by the music here. Melodic lead guitars are abundant and there are also elements of background clean vocals, acoustic guitars, and keyboards (especially on the final track). There's also some skillful use of key changes in this album to fully take advantage of variation. "Mother - Water, the Great Sea Wept" is an excellent example of this with it changing from a lower mournful tone to a slightly lighter tone and back again. At one point in the song, there's also a point where the tempo picks up and becomes like an October Tide song. In fact, those of you familiar with October Tide may find other similarities with this album.

The Monad of Creation marks a pinnacle in long history of Australian funeral doom gods Mournful Congregation, in that it is their first proper full length release. They have made a great deal of musical progression over the years, captured on their two disc set The Dawning of Mournful Hymns. With the minimalistic, mind-numbingly depressing sounds that are found in their dossier of demos and splits, it's safe to assume that a full length of theirs would be like a magnum opus for the band, highlighting what they are about to the fullest extent. This also raises their fans' expectations to an exceptionally high level. This album is everything good funeral doom should be and more. Mournful Congregation have captured sublime darkness and austerity, and literally put it into music. All extreme doom fans should get their hands on The Monad of Creation.