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A dedicated hardcore punk label based in Depok, Indonesia with ton of great releases cassettes featuring Indonesia / abroad bands.

SONIC REDUCER - M.O.B Demo Cassette

4 songs debut Demo tape by this amazing new band from Bandung , West Java, Fierce pogo infused Hardcore punk ala Blazing Eye etc.

DONGKER - Upaya Memaki Cassette

Dongker is a Punk band based on Bandung, West Java. Playing three chords song with fast tempo. Recommended for fans of Protex, The Hex Dispenser, and Exploded Hearts. With a fool's demeanor and sometimes make love and heartbreaking songs.

HONG - Blegedemen Cassette

Second EP from Tanggerang Selatan, hardcore punk band Hong! 6 brand new tracks of raging hardcore punk.

FUMUS - Demo 2018

Debut 7 tracks demo from this hardcore punk band from Bukitinggi West Sumatra. Mid-Temp and straightforward stompy hardcore punk in vein of Blazing eye and etc.

B.U.R.I.E.D - Acheron Cassette

South Tangerang B.U.R.I.E.D spew forth some of the most raw and relentless hardcore ever experienced live or on records. This album 'Acheron' showcases 12 minutes of vile, brutal hybrid of sludge-tone hardcore and power violence as audible torture. There's no arguing with their unique blend of sonic violence!