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Austin, TX’s NOSFERATU are one of the most substantive and powerful hardcore punk bands currently in operation. Often likened to rage linchpins such as Void and Koro, Nosferatu’s too-good-to-be-true attack succeeds on all fronts: inventive & highly impressive drumming, tortured, piss-gutter vocals and excessively grimy riffs that unveil multiple hooks despite the concise nature of each breathless tune. Since forming in 2016, the gang have since amassed myriad short-run cassettes, stray compilation shards and one recognized ruler EP via Lumpy Records—each new entry building upon its predecessor, exhibiting a brand of winning and raw scuzz that’s too drool-inducing for punks to ignore. Timed to coincide with their debut album, Neck Chop is thrilled to present all of Nosferatu’s savage formative material on LP format—56 tracks total!!! Mandatory punk, no excuses, no snoozing.