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• Pre-Order - ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK - Pipeline by L’ironie du son, Fabio Poujouly & Guillaume Peitrequin LP

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Silk Screen Printed Cover + Insert
Elliott, 30, was sent to Alaska for maintenance work on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline that crosses the region from north to south. Faced with the magnitude of the wilderness, Eliott will gradually lose ground. The professional journey will then turn into initiatory adventure. The reason may be located closer to madness than he could have imagined.

The Pipeline O.S.T is the result of collaboration between L’ironie du Son, Guillaume Peitrequin and Fabio Poujouly. The soundtrack is the result of a "work in progress" collective and experimental, between ethnic and organic sounds and electronic atmospheres giving birth to a splendid world of textures, ambiences, noises that are predominant in the movie.