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3 color risograph printed on book paper

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**estimated arrival on May 2020**
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Shifting Self & Self Shifters is a zine about how thingsconstantly flipping through as we encounter surprisesof the unknown. Illustrated by Owi Liunic, this zine isinteractive and printed in 3-color Risograph.

Based in Jakarta, Owi Liunic explores works ofillustration and animation. Her distinctive visualstyle of figures and soft color selection makesher a potential emerging artist. This then madeher selected as one of the finalists of the 2016Go Ahead Challenge.

At first glance, the artworks from Owi Liunic areseamless combination between popping colors,and doodle styled drawings, but you have to digdeeper to know that they sometimes containpowerful messages. She has a strong characteristicin her art, and with her distinctive style, Owi saidthat she was inspired by several artists like MariaInes Gul or Dick Vincent. She also cited thecopywriting by Adam J. Kurtz as the source ofinspiration to create her pieces.She also running Liunic On Things together with herillustrators sister, Martcellia Liunic.