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• (Pre-Order) - REPLACIRE - Do Not Deviate LP/CD

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I may have already hinted at it in the tagline, but I think it's worth mentioning clearly that if you're a fan of The Dillinger Escape Plan or Opeth, you will love this. It combines the technicality and unpredictable chaos of Dillinger with the powerful vocals, progressive overtones, and melodic traces of Opeth to create a sound that is surprisingly very unique. The songs are all fairly concise, and nothing seems to drag on forever or exist for no reason. Even the interlude, which is nothing more than a 1-minute piano rendition of the clean vocal melody from the opening track "Horsestance," adds some depth to the album and fits in perfectly. Technical death metal (in my opinion at least) doesn't have much of a reputation for keeping the sound consistent yet varied enough to keep albums from dragging, but this isn't a problem here at all. It's a sort of magic most bands can't boast, and the kind that elevates an album from good to great status.