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• Pre Order - RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR - Legacy of Shi CD

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The writing sessions occurred during most of 2017 and the process took the band to reflect on how to take their concept forward, musically, lyrically, and visually. Enter Joe Duplantier (GOJIRA) to record and co-produce the album in his Brooklyn, NY based Silver Cord Studio. The result is a jaw crushing collection of songs, where the band’s own brew of metallic Hip-Hop and hardcore grooves (“Here Comes The Boom”, “This Is Crossover”, “Nekketsu”) meets with a darker, lower-toned heaviness (“Kozo”, “Cold Truth”, “Teenage Rage”), all brought to the listener by Joe’s thick organic production. Among the carefully scattered gems on this record, one that comes to mind is the occasional punchline in Vithia’s native tongue, French, adding yet another interesting ingredient to ROTN’s singularity.

While the record stays true to the band’s roots, bringing the listener to experience real life situations lyrically pictured by fictional references inspired by Japanese culture, it speaks about overcoming personal drama (“Step By Step”) and tells the story of the central character SHI. In tracks such as “The Awakening”, “Kozo”, and “All For One”, one follows the story of the multi centennial Samurai SHI, from his awakening to his evolution as a spirit who takes possession of a human host, bringing up the question of who would win the fight we lead within ourselves when trying to overcome our limits to reach our full potential.