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• (Pre-Order) - SARAH LONGFIELD - Disparity LP/CD

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The genre hints provided here (djent, electronic, instrumental, metal, progressive) are somewhat misleading, because none of them really hits the mark. There are some older albums in Sarah Longfield's discography, which might qualify as electronica, and some of the early ones even contain lots of djenty shredding, but this most recent release of hers clearly is a member of the fusion family - a bit mathy at times, occasionally flavored with ethereal vocals, and sometimes including traits of post-rock. If you're longing for djent, then I recommend starting with the last track ("The Fall"). On a couple of album cover photos, it can be seen that Sarah Longfield apparently loves to play a monster guitar with eight strings, and obviously plays drums as well. She writes all of the songs herself, of course, so what we've got here is a truly impressing one-woman show.