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• (Pre-Order) - SOLSTAFIR - Svartir Sandar 2LP/CD

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What is the main trait of Sólstafir? I know, it's not easy to answer, but for me this feature is drive. The real drive that forces you to forget about everything else and just listen to it. Probably, somebody likes some other feature about these icelandic masters, for example, strong howling vocals, staggering riffs and melodies or brilliant drumming, but nevertheless drive is the most stupendous thing about Sólstafir.

"Svartir Sandar" is not the exception. It is as lively and groovy as prevous works, but it has even more drive on the both discs. I was so much impressed after listening to the last work of these northern giants of black metal (if I could really call present "Sólstafir" BM band, 'cause their style is very voluminous, they tries to embrace the huge amount of styles, but they obviously do their job well). Everytime they create very heartfelt, sincere music, which affects you deeply by its candour and openness.

As we can see, "Svartir Sandar" has the two sides: "Andvari" and "Gola" (both mean breeze or wind in icelandic). They do not differ much, each one creating its own mood and atmosphere. But it is not worth considering those discs separately, because your impression can be slurred over and you will never feel inimitable sense that this album gives.