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Going strong for 30 years, Suicide Commando have not only been pioneers of the harder Electro genre, but continue being innovators up to this very day.

Formed in summer 1986 by Johan van Roy, the band made a name for itself through a series of self-released tapes from the late Eighties to the early Nineties. When the group released its first full-length CD "Critical Stage" in 1994, it soon would evolve into one of the most popular and important acts of the scene.

Ten dancefloor wrecking balls from this harsh and aggressive Electro/Industrial act. Suicide Commando's newer, dancier albums. All of the Suicide Commando staples are present here; harsh melodic leads, distorted beats, raspy vocals.

What we have here is classic Terror EBM, with a few Power Noise sounding tracks thrown in for an added treat. A few highlight tracks include "Comatose Delusion", "Love Breeds Suicide", and "Raise Your God".