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• (Pre-Order) - THE GREAT OLD ONES - Cosmicism LP/CD

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PRE-ORDER before 1st April 2020

It makes all too much sense that the works of H.P. Lovecraft would eventually find matrimony in the conventions of black metal. Cue the purist sounds of Lovecraftian metal band, The Great Old Ones. They have been musically harnessing the brain-bending scriptures of Mr. H.P. for quite some time now, and should you decide to embark on that particular journey, then Cosmicism may well be the one for you to pick up and devour.

It’s not necessarily obvious that this band operate in tribute to the aforementioned writer. Knowing that requires a background check. On face value however, the sounds of The Great Old Ones deal in some rather deep and heavy noise that will be satisfying to much of the seasoned progressive death community. On the whole, this recording is an ever-galloping splice of death, black and blackgaze that operates high up on the intensive emotional spectrum. Atmosphere of the highest, most booming, church-like calibre reigns supreme throughout.