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• (Pre-Order) - THE LION'S DAUGHTER - Future Cult LP/CD

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The first decade of THE LION'S DAUGHTER's existence was spent generating a caustic blend of hardcore-tinted doom metal, embellished by flirtations with black metal pummeling and post-metal atmospherics. These elements are still present on the band's fourth record, "Future Cult". The hard pivot on this record is the St. Louis trio's embrace of synthesizers to mutate its existing sound into an almost completely different beast. Though BRUCE DICKINSON once famously quipped that "you can't make heavy metal with synthesizers," the instrument has become more accepted in recent years, thanks to modern synthwave acts such as PERTURBATOR and GOST, which market themselves with heavy metal imagery, and horror film-score composers JOHN CARPENTER and GOBLIN performing their most beloved orchestrations live.

Where THE LION'S DAUGHTER's integration of the instrument becomes exciting is that "Future Cult" is still very much a decidedly metal record. There may now be keyboards and synthesizers, but this is not a prog-metal album. Vocalist/guitarist Rick Giordano assumes triple duty by layering in keyboards that very much evoke the soundtracks of 1980s horror and sci-fi classics, while the band's compositions are still underpinned by the metallic mix that the trio has refined throughout its decade-long existence. The opening title track sets the tone by featuring Giordano's abrasive barks at the forefront of a mix of SLAYER riffs and pulsating synths, and the remainder of the album's thirty-six minutes continues the impressive juggling act.