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• (Pre-Order) - THY CATAFALQUE - Geometria LP/CD

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PRE-ORDER before 1st April 2020

THY CATAFALQUE is taking another huge step in its ever evolving and shape shifting musical development. THY CATAFALQUE is an eclectic amalgamation of Metal, Folklore, Rock and even some Pop. Branded Avant-garde Metal by its mastermind, the songs and sounds drift and swirl between beautifully fragile crystalline structures into harsh and sombre soundscapes.  

Trying to pin down Thy Catafalque’s sound is like trying to prove a theorem with crayons; the Hungarian’s style is jazzy at times, black metal at others, trippy and electronic in other moments and hugely rewarding throughout. The movements from each weird and wonderful feature are smooth and the person behind it all, Tamás Kátai, constantly breaks from tradition to bring forth a record that is as thrilling as it is unusual.