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Born from a carte blanche at Cave12 in Geneva in October 2016, TOUT BLEU is the solo project of SIMONE AUBERT (guitarist in MASSICOT / drummer and singer in HYPERCULTE) which has developed into a trio, accompanied by the electronics of the Stakhanovist musician POL, and the deeply ample & masterful electrified violin played by AGATHE MAX.
Simone explores with her first album, a sort of atmospheric no-wave, a pre-rock invitation of travel and introspection. Simone's voice, reminiscent of Siouxie, Anne Clark or Nico arises on mesmerizing sound texture and calls as much to a new collective meaning than a crying out, a desperate shout alone, far from all, in the middle of the forest. The result is an all-encompassing music, dark, tense but full of sweetness and nourished with hope.