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• (Pre-Order) - TSJUDER - Throne of the Goat LP/CD

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Black metal fans rejoice! Norwegian black metal heavyweights Tsjuder – consisting  of Nag (vocals, bass) Draugluin (guitar)& Anti-Christian (drums) – founded in 1993, just last year remade their very first EP release dating back to 1997 ‘Throne of the Goat’ via Season of Mist. When initially unleashed, the classic EP solidified their stance instantaneously amongst the ranks of the scenes formative raw underground black metal legends of the time. The outfit beforehand having only released several demos, said demos being ‘Div gammelt stasj’ (1995), ‘Ved ferdens ende’ (1995), & ‘Possessed’ (1996). Since ‘Throne of the Goat’ Tsjuder have grown their discography with equally as impressive works including another demo followed by multiple full-length albums as well as a compilation & video/live album of ‘Norwegian Apocalypse: Oslo vs Sandnes’ (released 10 years apart). So it seems fitting for the undeniably dedicated group to go back to their roots & bring forth an album consisting of not just a remastered re-lease but have the original tracks include on the new & improved ‘Throne of the Goat’.