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• (Pre-Order) - UNDERCROFT - Ruins of Gommorah LP/CD

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When not spreading the word of the Dark Lord with Swedish black metal kings Watain, bassist Alvaro Lillo fronts this thrash three-piece, who have more than a passing resemblance to the old-school death roots of Sepultura.

The familiar tribal drumming, Cavalera-esque roars and Kisser leads are all over the likes of opener El Triunfo De La Muerte and the infectious chorus of Dead Human Flesh, and will be lapped up by fans of Beneath The Remains and Arise.

But there’s far more to these Chileans than comparisons to famous neighbours. Their sixth album brings plenty of the theatre of black metal with the eerie chants of the title track, while the creeping, grinding death metal of At The Gardens Of Hatred is a must for Autopsy fans and the hyperspeed blasts of The Art Of Vengeance is made even more sinister by an ugly production job.

Aside from an entertaining but unnecessary Twisted Sister cover, this is a glorious death/thrash album that favours memorable riffs and atmosphere over blazing technicality, and makes you wish Watain gave their bassist more time