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• PRE-ORDER >> VARIOUS ARTIST - A Global Mess Volume One : Asia LP

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A GLOBAL MESS is the soundtrack of an adventurous journey through the Southeast Asian underground scene. Journalist Diana Ringelsiep and music manager Felix Bundschuh travelled from Hong Kong through the Philippines to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, with a focus on places that are not listed in any travel guide. The impressions of their journey as well as numerous interviews with punk, hip hop, street artists and activists will be released in May 2019 as a travel documentary film and book. The accompanying vinyl compilation gives a good insight into the musical diversity of Asian subcultures and comes with a 16-page LP-size booklet, which includes photos and anecdotes about every band they’ve met on their journey. The compilation will be released on splatter vinyl, including the entire compilation on CD. Out on Concrete Jungle Records May 24th, 2019!

01. Timeless - Ride Into The Sun
02. The Eastbay - Manusia Mesin
03. The Republicats - DESAP (Desaparecidos)
04. The Djihard - Burn N Chaos
05. The Sneakers - I'm Not OK
06. Dagu Derhaka - Nafsu Liat
07. X60 Jaran - Bring You Down
08. Jimmy Revolt - Mental State
09. Dagger - Live Your Life
10. Murder Bizkitz - Bomb The Tories
11. Go Smoke Mary - Six The Northstar
12. Agaw Agimat – Antok (LP Bonus Track)