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The second chapter in renowned ethno-ambient/electronic artist vidnaObmana's "Dante trilogy," and follow-up to his critically acclaimed 'Tremor,' 'Spore' is the apotheosis of his fascination for Dante's "Inferno" poem. Whereas 'Tremor' was a 'musical trip downwards', 'Spore' represents the actual underworldly dwelling place. References to Vidna's 'industrial' past of the early 80's remained strongly present, while the fusion of his ambient soundscapes with bolder and less spatial combinations of harmonics, dynamics and experimentation was even more accentuated. Rhythmic, dense, eerie and pulsating, 'Spore' continues where 'Tremor' left off... vidnaObmana again utilizing his vast collection of instruments (like the Slovakian Fujara and the electric guitar) along with more industrial-like elements to score this second chapter.  Special guest appearances by Joris De Backer on double bass and Marc Verhaeghen (from Belgium's The Klinik) on trumpet.