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Fourth full-length album by American Death Metal band. Three years following the release of Vital Remains' masterpiece, “Forever Underground”, band decide to produce another album in 2000. Joe Lewis was a very fantastic Death Metal vocalist, but he decided to stick with bass duties only, and instead, Vital Remains found a new vocalist who went by the name "Thorn". The musicianship is amazing, yet again. The acoustic melodies and powerful guitar solos you heard on “Forever Underground” return on this album. And Thorn's vocals sound absolutely insane. He sounds so evil, so monstrous, so intense, and so bestial. He did such an intense vocal performance on this album, using deep, savage Death growls and Black-Metal-style screams and screeches. It's a shame that this is the only album in Metal history where you could hear his talented vocals on. Dave Suzuki showed off his excellent guitar talent once again on this album, as well as his awesome drum skills. “Dawn Of The Apocalypse” is yet another masterpiece by the mighty Death Metal band and it sounds very different from Vital Remains' previous work. There are still some hints of Black Metal in the song structures, but 90 percent of the music is Death Metal. Also, this is the first band’s album to feature an intro, and it's taken from "The Omen" movies. Overall, this album is definitely another awesome Vital Remains masterpiece, and features a big change in their music.