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• (Pre-Order) - VULTURE INDUSTRIES - Stranger Times LP/CD

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So this is a weird one. Like, an exceptionally weird one, especially for Season of Mist. A record influenced by folks like Faith No More just as much as Mayhem this is the sort of "out there" release that can't help but to fascinate. Filled with over the top Satanism, powerful hooks and endless pushes towards a darker future, Vulture Industries have refined something devastating with Stranger Times. This is an album that is unafraid to break the rules, to push towards new ideas and to constantly remind us of the infinite directions black metal can go. I think on top of that, the sheer talent of the artists helps to make even their poppiest moments strangely endearing. These guys swoop forward with arena rock guitars but a strangely creepy aesthetic. They obviously predate Ghost, but perhaps the most obvious comparison would be the masked band. They have the same uneasy majesty about them, the twisted lyrics and the fitting reminders of our own fragility, even in a world that we feel we might have finally won control over