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• (Pre-Order) - WARBEAST - Destroy LP/CD

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Destroy is the second full-length record for Arlington, Texas-based thrash metal warriors Warbeast. It follows 2010’s promising debut Krush the Enemy, and a split, also released in 2013, with Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals, entitled War of the Gargantuas. Before becoming a formal entity in 2008, Warbeast existed in another incarnation: The Texas Metal Alliance. Formed in 2006 from members of several Texan thrash bands, including Rigor Mortis, Gammacide, Devilfist and Demonseed, the band originally formed to play a benefit show for injured Hammer Witch bassist Wayne Abney, playing covers from each of the four members’ old bands. They continued to play with a variety of guest vocalists until they decided to stay together, start recording new original material, and changed their name to Warbeast in the process.