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• (Pre-Order) - WINDSWEPT - Onlooker CD

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Ukrainian band Windswept is another one of the projects of Roman Sayenko (of Drudkh fame). Windswept started in 2017 with ‘The Great Cold Steppe’ being their debut album, and they followed it by the EP ‘Visionaire’ in earlier this year. ‘The Onlooker’ is their sophomore album that features fast-paced emotive and raw black metal. You can describe it as a slightly more visceral and less folksy that Drudkh.

Windswept take a more stripped down approach to the atmospheric black metal when compared to their counterparts, and that can be observed on ‘The Onlooker’ as well. It never slows down and stitches one fast-paced riff after another. It makes it listening to the album a breeze, but the emotional riffing still keeps you alert and involved.