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• Pre-Order - YAPHET KOTTO - The Killer was in the Government Blanket CD

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Where do you start with Yaphet Kotto? Put simply, they are the most consistently brilliant emotive hardcore act that you have never heard of. Formed in 1996 in Santa Cruz, California and releasing just three LPs in their ten-year lifespan, I suppose it is unsurprising that they slipped by mostly unnoticed. As with a large number of bands who are lumped into the “emo/screamo” genre, it is often only retrospectively that they are appreciated as much as they deserve.

Perhaps so far, my praise seems excessive; allow me to explain. The issue with the majority of debut LPs is their lack of refinement. Sometimes, there is passion but no emotion; at other times there is beauty without any real soul and occasionally there is intensity without direction. The perfect balance is almost impossible to find but on “The Killer Was…” Yaphet Kotto produced a seemingly flawless record easily worthy of the mounds of hyperbolic praise that it never received.