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• Pre-Order - APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT - We Don't Need Them LP

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The thrashing mountain punx of Appalachian Terror Unit are back and give full vent to their rage. Their new LP “We Don’t Need Them” is to be released on the legendary Profane Existence. The band has revealed a song from their upcoming record available for free at their bandcamp page.

The “Casualties of a Rape Culture” single is a metallic anarcho-punk outburst in the narrative style of bands like A//Political or Resist&Exist depicting the threat of normalized sexism, slut-shaming, victimization and rape apologizing that is still existent in our scene. The second part of the song is the band’s raging wrath directed towards The Casualties’ singer Jorge Herera, who has been accused of rape and sexual assault by several people from the punk community.