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• Puke "Back To The Stoneage" Cassette

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CLEAR cassette with jewel case version

Puke is a legendary punk band whose sound seems very unique for their time (mid-late 1980's) and ripped in 2010. This album is a must as it is just simply incredible. Including 5 tracks from Back To The 30's EP.

Originally released back in 1987 (Back To The 30's EP in1985!!), Puke certainly sound more like *Norwegian hardcore* than they do other Swedish bands. This album is unceasingly melodic and often plaintive. Fans of Bad Religion, the Adolescents, etc. would very much like Puke, because it is basically extremely poppy, high-energy, and tuneful. This release exemplifies what's that mean. It is simply overflowing with inventive, memorable guitar riffs. As with early 2000s “arena crust,” the lead guitar is on constant hook-duty here, without just turning into one long guitar solo. This will be another obscure reference, but the very first album by Finnish death metal band Amorphis, the languidly-unspooling guitar lines here are quite similar to the effect on that record. The drummer of Norwegian black metal band Darkthrone, Fenriz, announced that he was a huge fan of Puke too.