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• RADIO MOSCOW - Self Titled LP

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Like Parchman Farm and Orange Sunshine, Radio Moscow doesn't really fit in a modern context. The band exists out of time. And like those two bands, Radio Moscow also manages to take a well worn style and make it its own. An astonishingly good debut. Recommended. Marrying the bluesy psychedelic fervor of Cream with the big, precise fretwork of Jimi Hendrix Radio Moscow relish in distortion and grittiness. What's precisely the era that the cover for Radio Moscow's debut album, on Alive Records, seems to fit into: the dawn of psychedelic rock and the development of the record sleeve as a venue for psychedelic art. Amid the swirling greens, yellows, browns, oranges, and reds, an animated guitarist, bassist, and bass drum can be made out. Examining the drawing from different angles reveals different details. There's also a goat, a few birds, some flowers, and a building of some sort. Oh, and two girls, two faces, a pair of hands, and a night sky. Hope we're not missing anything. Bubbly "Radio Moscow" script rounds the cover off with a thouroughly '60s touch. Nicely done. Now, we wonder what it sounds like ...