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• RUMAH PIRATA - Come Under The Radar : The Photo-Story Of Rumah Pirata

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Paperback cover
50 pages in colors

Being the heartbeat and backbone for the hardcore/punk community in Bandung and served as one of the very few mainstay DIY venue in Indonesia and also Southeast Asia for years now, continuing progress into wider scopes of usage/purpose, RUMAH PIRATA and it's collective devoting a serious and dedicated role in reviving the importance of running a DIY space and endured the coming challenges passionately.

RUMAH PIRATA as this special double storey building on a marvelous plot of land somewhere nearby Bandung city with Klub Racun as the grandstand for the live perfomances/screenings, have been nurtured, cared and sustained with passions, energy and sweat by it's collective and it's worldwide network. And all these years of what RUMAH PIRATA and it's collective been through, encountered with and progressed from are worth more than gold,  to be documented, told upon and shared with.