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Slice everything into pieces, toss them in the air, let them fall to the ground, then pick them up and arrange them in any random order and see what you can come up with. I guess that is maybe what Shugo Tokumaru thought what he came up with the idea for his new album Toss. This is the fifth time Tokumaru’s music is coming our way, and so far, he has shown an extraordinary knowledge and grasp of everything melodious from The Beach Boys to Bossa. Basically, he was coming up with great melodious pop/rock that seemed effortless and was easy and enjoyable to the ear. It was also quite fascinating that Tokumaru would produce essentially all of the music by himself on a multitude of known and unknown instruments.

For TOSS, Tokumaru originally intended to take a more straightforward path, enlisting the help of musicians from around the world to record bits and pieces of music without knowing how they would ultimately be used. This process led to Tokumaru taking fragments others had recorded for him and lining up the short phrases and riffs, repeatedly combining and substituting the arrangements as if he was working on a musical puzzle. Though much more time-consuming than his original vision, the songs on TOSS are all testaments to Tokumaru’s innate understanding of how to craft a piece of music that becomes much greater than the sum of its parts.