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• SLANG - Life Made Me Hardcore LP

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Intense Hardcore from Sapporo, Japan. SLANG combines the Manic energy of the best of Japanese Hardcore, a hint of the tough edge of Early East Coast Hardcore, blasting D-beat and crushing metallic riffs. Their Fifth Album since 1988, "LIFE MADE ME HARDCORE" is a crushing follow up to their 2008 LP " The Immortal Sin" that was released on Canada's Schizophrenic Records. Twelve tracks with absolutely searing riffs and highlighting Vocalist KO's harsh gutteral vocal attack. SLANG toured the U.S. for the first time in 2010, performing at Austin's Chaos in Tejas Festival and across the eastern half of the U.S. with MIND ERASER and WORLD BURNS TO DEATH. The U.S. Version of this release features exclusive artwork by the legendary classic rock artist Joe Petagno ( Motorhead) and is housed in a deluxe stoughton Gatefold and comes with a large 2-sided poster / Lyric insert.