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• SLOMATICS - The Future Past Cassette

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When writing about Belfast sludge behemoths Slomatics, it’s almost impossible to steer clear of cliché. Terms like “wall of sound”, “earth-shattering”, “un- yielding” and “sludge behemoths” (ahem) spring far too easily to mind. Yet however cringe-worthy they might seem, every single one of them is completely justified by, and omnipresent on, their latest effort The Future Past.

Available through bandcamp as a digital-only release, the aptly named collection serves as a stopgap release between last year’s seminal A Hocht and an as-yet un-named new record, scheduled for late 2013. Consisting of two vintage tracks, the first Slomatics song ever written and a track from “their previous lives” (according to their Facebook), The Future Past incorporates everything that’s made Slomatics a force to be reckoned with over their illustrious career so far.