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• SODOM - Official Bootleg : The Witchhunter Decade 2XLP

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Limited Edition Color Vinyl (Red Translucent)

German thrash metal legends Sodom present Official Bootleg: The Witchhunter Decade, a limited edition double gatefold vinyl release of only 1,500 copies worldwide in commemoration of the death of cult drummer Chris Witchunter. Featuring a total of 16-tracks on 2LPs including demos, rehearsals, live cuts and more!

Sodom Official Bootleg: The Witchhunter Decade Track Listing:

1. Sepulchral Voice (Rehearsal 1984)
2. Obsessed By Cruelty (Recorded Live in Belgium 1985)
3. After The Deluge (Recorded Live at Metallize Festival 1986)
4. Conjuration (Recorded Live at "Scum" Holland 1987)
5. Proselytisma Real (Recorded Live at Metallize Festival 1986)
6. Conqueror (Recorded Live in Holland 1987)
7. My Atonement (Recorded Live at "Scum" Holland 1987)
8. Outbreak of Evil (Recorded Live in Germany, Zeche Bochum 1988)

1. Persecution Mania (Recored Live in Switzerland, Sargans 1988)
2. Magic Dragon (Recorded Live in Germany, Braunschweig 1989)
3. Shellfire Defense (Preproduction 1990)
4. The Saw Is The Law (Preproduction 1990)
5. Bloodtrails (Preproduction 1990)
6. Body Parts (Recorded Live in Japan 1992)
7. Skinned Alive (Recorded Live At WDR Festival 1992)
8. Sons Of Hell (Demo Version)