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• Starkweather "This Sheltering Night" LP

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Starkweather was formed in 1989 with founders Todd Forkin on guitar, Harry Rosa on drums, and Rennie Resmini on vocals. Even in their embryonic stage their unique collective vision was lethal. Starkweather's progressive metal precision, Hardcore grit, and Avante Garde experimentalism coalesced into one awe inspiring musical force. This is their 4th Full length album. This Sheltering Night" is a dizzying eleven song journey of unimaginable metallic twists and turns, Featuring mesmerizing soundscapes from Sophia Perennis and Oktopus (dalek) alongside traditional Starkweather efforts, "This Sheltering Night" is as brutal and as dynamic as aggressive music can be. Songs like "Broken From Inside" roll and mutate from crushing metallic riffs and into the serene. While songs like "Epiphany" and "Martyring" show a band as a giant at the height of their complex musical and lyrical power.