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• STARS AND RABBIT - Rainbow Aisle CD

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Originating from Yogyakarta, the band formed in 2011 and have been on the rise ever since, releasing an EP, multiple live records, a collaboration with the group Bottlesmoker, and their debut album "Constellations" in 2015. In 2017 their single "Man Upon The Hill" was released to critical acclaim, with The Line Of Best Fit describing it as "...a truly spectacular piece of forward-thinking folk" whilst the video for it was nominated for Best Pop Video Newcomer at the UK Music Video Awards.

2019 saw a shift for the group, with original guitarist Adi Widodo making the decision to leave the band and previous producer for the group, Didit Saad, taking his place alongside Elda Suryani to form the new Stars and Rabbit. Saad worked closely on the "Constellations" album as their producer, and has been a constant presence throughout their rise so it made perfect sense for him to join after Widodo's departure

Stars & Rabbit seem to ditch their acoustic folk concept and go straight into the 90’s pop-rock influence with their new single “Little Mischievous”. One thing that doesn’t change is Elda’s unique voice and unmatched vocals.