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• SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE - Diary Cassette

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What emo means today is fairly removed from its initial intention – to serve as a sub-genre for bands making passionate music sprung from the roots of punk and hardcore. Back in the mid-90s it wasn’t about teenagers with bad hair scribbling ‘MCR 4 EVA’ on their school books, it was a movement that sought to explore heart-on-sleeve lyricism via means other than syrupy balladeering, played by men who sung it as they lived it.

Sunny Day Real Estate are rightly revered as one of emo’s brightest lights of the mid-90s period, and Diary, their 1994 debut album, is regarded as a definitive record of the era. If a certain online encyclopaedia is to be believed, it’s also the seventh-best selling album released on Sub Pop – some achievement given the quality acts on the US label’s roster, and a quantifiable indication of just how relevant Diary is to emo fans, albeit those counting their grey hairs rather than painting their nails.