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• Suri "Kisah Kasih Lokalisasi" CD

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In the Indonesia scene back then (2010), maybe there have been many bands who claim their music as 'stoner-rock / stoner-metal', but only a few bands really really have good music and understand the 'stoner-rock' and the roots of the music genre. Of the few good bands, Suri is one of them. This Jakarta quartet understands very well the music they play.

Kisah Kasih Lokalisasi (an album title that adequately illustrates the band's craziness and sense of humor) is the EP debut of Suri, after ithe 2009 promo titled Tiga Puluh. Yes, this EP-debut contains six new songs. When compared with materials in Tiga Puluh promo that are more rhythmic and heavy-metal, Kisah Kasih Lokalisasi feels more psychedelic, more rocky, more guitar solos, more bluesy and the music flow is more fun. But everything still wrapped int the raw guitar sound with low tunning.

Kisah Kasih Lokalisasi is an ode for fun even for contemplation, for hippies-rockers & flower-generation metalheads. So play this record and get stoned!