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• TAPPER ZUKIE - Peace In The Ghetto LP

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"Tapper Zukie's ‘Peace in the Ghetto’ album would be the first release as part of his new deal with Virgin Records.This came about through a trip organised by the label to Jamaica in 1978 to sign up the cream of the crop of Reggae artists,for the new Virgin Front Line label. Personnel on this trip included John Lydon (Rotten) of the Sex Pistols ,whose band had just split up.

The Peace in the Ghetto album deals with the political situation in at the time, during the peace initiative between the gangs and Political Parties. Paying tribute to some of the gang leaders Claudie Massop ,Buckie Thompson and Tony Welsh who helped make this process happen. But whatever the subject matter Tapper Zukie chose to hang his songs on, you know he always does it in a fine style.