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• TASHOORA - Ruang CD / Hamba Jaring Cahaya, Hamba Bela Gelapnya CD (Combo)

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CD with jewel case version

From Yogyakarta, Tashoora started their breaktrough in a compilation album tribute to Efek Rumah Kaca in 2016. Hamba Jaring Cahaya, Hamba Bela Gelapnya became the first studio album by Tashoora which previously successfully released the singles "Gelap" and "Surya" and also received the title of Noise 201 9 from Spotify.

Tatap, Terang, Ruang, Sabda dan Nista are the 5 songs in this mini album. Tashoora tells a lot about the social situation that often occurs in Yogyakarta. Starting from stories about blasphemy cases, LGBTQ issues, religious issues that are often used by the authorities, to stories about the existence of Yogyakarta government policies that use indigenous and non-indigenous labels.

Tashoora invited a number of collaborators to work on this album, namely Gardika Gigih, Baskara Putra (.Feast), Djaduk Ferianto, Afif Abdulloh (Mustache and Beard), and Mallinda Azkiyyah (Rubah Di Selatan). Broadly speaking, this album still continues what Tashoora wants to voice on the mini album Ruang, which is about diversity, human rights, and socio-political issues.

As with previous works, Tashoora is still consistent in raising social issues that can be found around them. In the song "Agni", Tashoora poured their anxiety over a case of sexual harassment experienced by a student in Yogyakarta. Not only that, Tashoora also raised the event of resentment of citizens over the election of the head of the administrative region leader in a hamlet led by a woman and the head of a Catholic district head in the city of Bantul through the track "Distilasi".