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• Ted Leo & The Pharmacist "Living with the living" 2LP

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Ted Leo, one of rock's last great intellectual populists, likes to throw you. Now on his fifth album, Living With the Living, the thirtysomething rocker still prefers the same music he's probably loved since his teens: the smarty-pants punk and new wave of turn-of-the-1970s UK labels like Stiff; the amped-up rhythm'n'soul of 60s mod and ska; the rangy heavy rock of Thin Lizzy; the hard-strumming folksiness of 80s indie; and the idealism impressed on him by American hardcore. The Pharmacists' oeuvre is all of a two-toned piece, but each record stands on its own, just different enough from its predecessor. So while I haven't lived with Living for very long, it's steadily grown on me, making me want to rave louder about it than it may deserve.