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• Terapi Urine "Kehiduvhan Yang Twewew Ini" Cassette

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Clear Cassette

Terapi Urine's music is simple, which is a combination of the sound of bees which nest were disturbed by humor of young people who are still unemployed that hangs out in complexes. Imagine cheap jokes wrapped in grindcore music, full of jokes and laughter, but full of social criticism if you want to study more deeply. The use of local languages and jokes is sometimes understandable but often not.

This EP probably born from insanity or maybe also from helpless reaction that has been crushed by megapolitan city life such as Jakarta and its lifestyle. Indeed, sometimes life is not always in accordance with what is expected, therefore it is twewew.

Also available in GERRAM / TERAPI URINE - Poranda CD here.