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• TESTAMENT - Dark Roots Of Earth 2xLP

RM 150.00


2012 Pressing (NB 2509-1)

Dark Roots is pretty much a modernized version of Testament’s 80s albums. It is certainly no less impressive than their 2008 offering, it is more coherent, probably without the highs and the lows of the Formation of Damnation. However I feel that comparing one Testament record to another is less important than observing their actual status in today’s metal scene. I mean, honestly, which band among the big 4 has made such an impressive comeback"

Dark Roots of Earth is finally Testament capturing the momentum. Now I can’t be sure how this will reflect commercially, but in terms of quality, this is top notch material again. The beauty of Dark Roots of Earth lies in the fact that there is a big picture. Gladly, Testament recorded one album that is not too long; just like old times, this means less (or no) filler material. It also means something more; that the record sounds as an album, as a whole, rather than a collection of songs.