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• THE ADICTS - And It Was So! Cassette

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The new album is very diverse and there’s something on there for everybody; some politics, some tales, and some tongue in cheek digs at the media. In a world saturated with corporate media influence and mass brainwashing THE ADICTS message is just as relevant today as it ever was. Tracks like title track ‘And It Was So’ have a classic, straightforward message such as “we’re here, we’re not going anywhere” and “this is us, and this is what you’ll always get”. The track ‘Talking Shit’ is a classic reflection of going out, getting drunk, talking shit, and pissing off those around you who are easily offended. The album also has some darker tracks such as ‘You’ll Be The Death of Me’ or ‘Picture The Scene’ which talks about the artists of surrealism.