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• THE CURE - Rare 70s Recordings LP

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This LP compile 16 songs taken from pre the cure when they are called THE EASY CURE, recorded in 1977 and various recording such as a session at Chestnut Sturdios in 1978 and Morgan Studios, London 1979.

A1 See The Children
A2 Meathook
A3 Pillbox Tales
A4 I Just Need Myself
A5 I Want To Be Old
A6 Boys Don't Cry
A7 Do The Hansa
A8 World War
A9 Pillbox Tales
B1 Accuracy
B2 Subway Song
B3 Plastic Passion
B4 Grinding Halt
B5 Desperate Journalist
B6 Jumping Someone Else's Train
B7 Into The Trees