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• THE S.I.G.I.T - Detourn LP

RM 120.00

BLACK vinyl

Probably their most explorative and prominent release yet, Detourn sets the bar for what the 4-piece can offer to the ever living rock scene in Indonesia. Hailing from Bandung, Indonesia, The SIGIT finally releases their most anticipated record to date, after 7 years of not releasing any major records (Hertz Dyslexia being an experimental 2-part EP that bridges the gap), they brought their mix of old school garage classic rock recipe and formula back to our ears yet again.

11 tracks, laid out so beautifully and mesmerizing, pumps incredibly well thought tunes; although still keeping their straightforward rock business down and dirty. Most would simply think of it as a really good in-your-face kind of rock record, but after more than a listen, they would here how different these lads sound compared to VIP 7 years ago. They matured, got harder, and bolder. Much, much bolder.