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• ULVER - Kveldssanger LP

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Green Color Vinyl
2016 Germany Pressing ( 88985303911)
Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered
Gatefold Sleeve With 8-Inla With Sheet Notes

Kveldssanger (translated as "Twilight Songs") is the second studio album by Norwegian band Ulver, originally issued in March, 1996 via Head Not Found. The album was recorded at Endless Lydstudio, Oslo, Norway in the summer and autumn of 1995, with Kristian Romsøe as engineer and co-producer. For Kveldssanger, the second part of what has become known as Ulver's "Black Metal Trilogie," the band expanded upon the quiet, folk-influenced acoustic elements present in their debut album, Bergtatt.

Incorporating classical guitars, cello and choral chamber chants overlaid with subtle orchestral landscapes - eschewing any black metal elements - the album was a drastic contrast to Bergtatt and other black metal albums of the time, whilst still retaining a level of atmospheric and folklore-themed lyrics. Vocalist Kristoffer Rygg has since remarked that Kveldssanger was an "immature attempt at making a classical album", yet he felt the content was strong when his age and that of the other band members at the time was taken into account. 

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