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• UNION OF URANUS - Disaster By Design LP

RM 90.00


This is a officical re-release with a one-time pressing of 500 copies only! - (Union of) Uranus were around in the early to mid 1990’s and released a demo tape called the “Backhand Demo”, which was later to become their side of the elusive split LP with His Hero Is Gone, a split EP with Quebec crusty band Immoral Squad and the "Disaster By Design" 12"/ double EP. (Union of) Uranus wrote some of the first pages of hardcore screamo. Rough, crude, dark and uncompromising HARDCORE that ripped you apart. Physically as well as emotinonally. Outstanding stuff! Artwork is completely reworked and new! Members of Uranus went to play in bands like Speedy Huffler Kings, Chokehold, Rammer, and Hacksaw, Dead Man’s Right Hand, and of course His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy!