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• VARIOUS ARTIST - WHEEDLE'S GROOVE : Seattle's Finest In Funk & Soul 1965-75 2xLP

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Seattle was a thriving haven for funk and soul bands. Then, it was over, and even the memory of that creative period seemed lost to the mists of time. The city's funk fortunes seem best summed up by KYAC DJ Robert Nesbitt, who worked the airwaves during those years. After searching for words, he can only throw up his hands and wonder, "Damn ... what happened?"

That long-gone scene was first documented on the excellent 2006 CD, Wheedle's Groove -- Seattle's Finest in Funk & Soul 1965-75, which proved about five seconds into its opening track, Black on White Affair's "Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother", that Seattle was home to damn good funk and soul. Five years later, the documentary Wheedle's Groove: Seattle's Forgotten Soul of the 1960's and '70s attempts to tell the story behind some of these unfamiliar bands. Through interviews with artists both well-known (Sir Mix-a-Lot, Mudhoney's Mark Arms, Ben Gibbard, Quincy Jones, and others) and specific to the old Seattle soul scene, we learn about the early jazz scene that produced names like Jones and Ray Charles, and which morphed into the eclectic funk and soul scene that produced many fine bands -- some of whom even had their shots at wider recognition.

As an overview of a forgotten time, though, Wheedle's Groove succeeds on nearly every count. Thankfully, the story of Seattle's funk and soul scene is finally being heard, and some of these musicians are finally getting some of the recognition they deserve. And now, by the Light In The Attic Records, here come this fine 2xLP, a collection works of all this musicians mentioned in the documentary.